Screen B1 and B2 Thermal Plate Setters

Screen B1 and B2 Thermal Plate Setters

Screen’s current Computer to Plate (Ctp) solution is sold as the PlateRite series. Introduced more than 10 years ago the Plate Rite series is today a de-facto standard in the printing industry. It’s success is based  on the philosophy of making reliability and quality number 1 priority for production equipment.

Automation is one of the key points of any Screen device and this is achieved through close integration of both hardware and software. Screen’s users can choose to automate their output devices from start to finish, including punching.

The PlateRite series features an automatic inline punching system that ensures perfect registration on press. Holes punched in the plates line up with registration pins on the drum, keeping the plates always in the same position irrespective of plate size and squareness.

A reliable external drum unit ensures consistent exposure, removing risk from exposure distances, and delivers the ultimate sharp reproduction on the plate.

The high -resolution 4,000 dpi option is perfect for everything from high demanding art printing to the accurate reproduction of small text sizes like those required for bond and other certificate printing.