Real Pro Planner Workflow

Real Pro Planner Workflow



RealPro Planner was developed and designed specifically for litho and digital printers who want a fast, modern, upgradable, easy to use, automated production workflow system.

Based on the latest Adobe® PDF Print Engine 4 technology, RealPro Planner is a pure PDF workflow which always preserves the original PDF content. Its host of features include pre-flighting, automated imposition, archiving, ICC based colour management, 3D proofing and much more besides.

Full JDF, XML compliance ensures seamless connectivity with leading MIS, Web2Print and DFE’s (RIPs) supporting all types of output devices. RealPro Planner’s modular software design makes it affordable and easy to select the right specification for your business needs, but highly scalable as your business grows.

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“We purchased RealPro workflow with a new Cron CTP system. It’s fair to say that RealPro has revolutionised our prepress processes. Previously we were imposing PDFs manually using InDesign, this was causing production bottlenecks and we often had issues with transparency effects.

RealPro allows all of our prepress operators to impose jobs simultaneously, and we can impose for plate or sheet – which is ideal for our mixed litho and digital environment. We can also control colour conversion, overprint settings and ink mapping directly within RealPro.

Our intelligent RealPro imposition templates send 1-bit TIFFs to our Cron CTP system and we also use RealPro to create imposed PDFs for our Fiery-driven digital presses.The training from Apex was comprehensive and the ongoing support from the Applications Support team has been fantastic.”

Nigel Pattinson, Director. Border Offset Printers Ltd.

“We decided to replace our existing workflow with RealPro. We operate to very tight deadlines so we needed a dynamic, reliable workflow that could keep up with our job throughput.

The first thing we noticed was the ease of use; creating imposition signatures and saving them as templates is really straightforward and the preflight function enables us to correct some of the more problematic files that we receive. RealPro also automatically creates CIP4 output for our Ryobi press.

Whenever we’ve  asked for support for help with a tricky imposition, for instance – they’ve been fantastic, they’re quick to respond and will login remotely to provide support.”

Barthamgroup Luton

“We needed to replace our ageing Rampage workflow, which had served us well but was no longer upgradeable. We wer eintroduced to RealPro Workflow and we could see the benefits immediately.

Imposition is totally integrated into the RealPro Client software so multiple users can manage and impose their own jobs – there’s no need to rely on a separate program to create imposition signatures. RealPro has helped us to significantly reduce the time between job submission and printing which had become a bottleneck for us.

At Crossprint we operate a mix of conventional litho and sheet-fed toner presses so we needed a workflow that could control plate output and supply our digital presses with imposed PDFs, as well as create CIP4 data for our Ryobi presses – RealPro does all of this efficiently and reliably.

The Preflight function is great, it checks and fixes our customer-supplied artwork where necessary, this function is so flexible and even allows us to “Postflight” which creates dieline PDFs for cutter guides, a very handy feature.

The installation and training went very smoothly – we’re delighted with RealPro and the support we have had.”

Barry Smith, Crossprint

“We were introduced to to RealPro workflow after we had discussions about streamlining our prepress processes. At the time, we were imposing PDFs manually and printing impositions to a Harlequin rip, this was working OK it but was a slow process and was error-prone. We were also starting to receive more and more PDFs each day so there was a noticeable bottleneck in the studio.

The great thing about RealPro is that it pulls together and automates so many of the individual tasks that we were performing previously.

The intelligent Job Templates allow us to drop in finished PDFs which are automatically preflighted, proofed, ripped and trapped. We produce a lot of saddle stitched and perfect bound books and the automation provided by RealPro’s imposition is very powerful – jobs that might have taken hours to impose previously are now imposed within minutes. RealPro’s trapping is simple and efficient and we can adjust trapping and overprint parameters down to page level which is very flexible, we use this a lot.

In 2016 we moved into 8up production with an RMGT 920 Series press, it was a smooth transition because RealPro has no output size restrictions. Apex simply set up a press profile for the new plate size and we were in production.

 RealPro was described as as a “hybrid” workflow that will sit centrally and output to many different devices – at Flexpress we operate two RMGT LED-UV litho presses, an HP Indigo and Ricoh toner-based digital presses, we purchased RealPro to drive our CTP device but we now also use it to send imposed PDFs to our Indigo and can use it to send PDF data to our Fiery Digital Front End if required.

We’re delighted with it – RealPro is the hub of our prepress production.”

Jack Wenlock, Flexpress