Press Room Services

Press Room Services

This customer is able to match his proofs. We corrected his dotgain for his press. He now runs in the correct sequence on his press and is able to make ready more quickly.

It can be a challenge to get print from a press to match how your proofer is printing.  Often its even hard to know which is printing correctly. Printing on Uncoated and coated paper, dot gains, print sequences can all be confusing. We specialise in fixing exactly this problem.

This is where using the right tools for the job can really help.

We can check your proofer, fix any problems and make it print within ISO 12647 printing standards. Once we are happy with the proofing we can turn our attention to your press.

Not only will this save you time in make ready on press but limit the potential of disagreements with clients about colour from proof to press.

Download the colour bar and send back the press sheets to us and we will send you back a free report. (Just remember to center it on the top of your sheet)


We offer a “Checkup and Tune Service Plus” package that takes the worry out of keeping your press in tolerance.