Portable Foam Station

Portable Foam Station


A robust dispenser station with simple and hygienic foot control. Can be located anywhere, no power required! Each foot movement delivers exactly 1ml of hand foam. This is enough to disinfect the hands 99.99%. This method can bring big savings on disinfectant costs. The disinfecting hand foam is produced with 100% sustainable, organic ingredients. It is also skin-friendly and not based on animal products. The Foam station can be personalized to your requirements if required.

• Works without power: Can be located anywhere.
• Originates in the EU, made from robust high-quality stainless steel.
• Easy and hygienic foot operation
• Compact size: 1100 x 220 x 160 mm (H x W x D)
• Stable on a floor plate of 400 x 400 mm.
• Economical in usage (dosage: 1 ml at a time):

Disinfectant Foam is Organic, pH neutral, dermatologically tested and also skin-friendly.

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