It is a translucent, light blue colored, compressible polymeric varnishing plate, manufactured on a polyester base with an exclusive multilayertechnology. It has been developed for offset in-line (direct) spotvarnishing, as well as for flood coating with all kinds of varnishes and itis particularly suited for UV, pearlescent and metallic varnishes.

It grants the following benefits:

Higher tolerance in the setup of pressure parameters and in the use of
paper and/or PET underplates
Minimum ink build-up
Highest dimensional stability
Produces the smoothest coating without any “orange peel” effect
thanks to the silky finishing of its top layer
Reusable and suitable for long runs with no register problems thanks
to its polyester base
Highly resistant to solvents and to mechanical stress
It is available in 1,15mm, 1,35mm (translucent) and also 1,95mm (opaque)
(opaque) thicknesses, in sheets of all press sizes; package contains 10
pieces per size.

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