Lüscher Large Format Platesetters

Lüscher Large Format Platesetters

Lüscher is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of large format platesetting equipment with a range of printing applications including offset, flexo, screen printing (rotary and flat), textiles, stamping & embossing, security, pad and film.


The Universal large format flatbed imagesetter

Maximum Productivity

Due to its flatbed layout, almost any flexible and inflexible printing form can be imaged in the highest quality at a resolution of up to 10,160 dpi. Exposure sizes range from 900 x 610 mm to 1440 x 1320mm.

  • Label Printing
  • Full HD Flexo printing.
  • Embossing with Copper and Magnesium Cliches
  • Flat and Rotary Screen Printing
  • Printing on Cans, Cups, and Tubes
  • Pad Printing
  • Industrial Printing

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XPose! Hybrid

Hybrid imaging system for multipurpose applications

Plate sizes range from 1130 x 950mm to 1650 x 2260mm (offset), 950mm x 950mm to 1340 x 2260mm (Flexo)

  • Rotary Screens
  • Letterpress plates
  • Waterless offset plates
  • Flexo printing plates
  • Thermal offset printing plates
  • Conventional offset plates
  • Film, Diazo and ablative
  • Accent coating plates


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XPose! Secureline

Built for maximum precision for secure documents

  • Standard resolution of 5080 dpi (Secure)
  • Standard resolution of 8000 dpi (SecurePlus) with 9600 dpi option
  • Hybrid models available
  • Custom-built registering systems
  • Smallest addressable pixel size of 0.00264 mm at 9600 dpi

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