Kodak Magnus and Trendsetter B1 and B2 thermal plate setters

Kodak Magnus and Trendsetter B1 and B2 thermal plate setters

The KODAK TRENDSETTER  has been built on the same trusted technology that printers have depended on for over 16 years, and provide the productivity , excellent image quality, and stability that newspaper printers need to succeed. There are three automation options to reduce plate making time.

Kodak Squarespot Imaging Technology is standard on every TRENDSETTER Platesetter, providing accurate, stable, repeatable imaging for fewer plateremakes, fewer adjustments in prepress and exceptional print quality.

Kodak Magnus Platesetters offer productivity, flexibility, ease of use and excellent image quality for both small and large commercial as well as offset package printing operations.

These CTP devices offer:-

Single-Cassette Unit (SCU) or multi-cassette Unit (MCU) options for greater automation

Optional inline punch accurately punches plates for most commercial presses

Kodak Squarespot Imaging Technology delivers photorealistic imaging on the Magnus Platesetters, a top-of-the-line thermal CTP solution that delivers unmatched image quality and an option for 10 or 2- micron screening.