Fuji Superia LH-PLE Plates

Fuji Superia LH-PLE Plates

UV Compatible

LH-PLE is the latest thermal plate from Fuji to work with UV inks on medium print runs without the need for baking. This results in faster platemaking and quicker make-ready on press giving savings in both areas.

Multigrain Technology

A complex grain structure, consisting of primary grain, honeycomb grain and micropores to an aluminium support. This ‘multigrain’ structure produces synergies that lead to outstanding printing efficiency, faithful tone reproduction, long process life and simple platemaking.

High Sensitivity

LH-PLE plates benefit from a highly sensitive emulsion, requiring minimal laser power and resulting in faster platesetter production (platesetter dependent). LH-PJE plates are high speed, high quality thermal plates, assuring fast productivity in demanding commercial print environments.

Fast and Simple Processing Stages

LH-PLE processing stages are some of the fastest in the market as there is no requirement to pre or post-bake the plate. This reduces the space required for additional equipment, reduces the capital outlay, means fewer opportunities for error and greater overall savings. The processing stages are simple and fast with a normal dwell time in the developer bath of 15 seconds.

Quality and FM Screening

The new emulsion technology adopted by Superia HD PRO-V allows high quality conventional and FM screen printing.