Fuji Acuity LED 1600 UV inkjet printer

Fuji Acuity LED 1600 UV inkjet printer


The high performance Fujifilm LED UV  has the capability to be a leading inkjet technology in the future. LEDs produce very little heat  which means  that they can work with heat sensitive media.

However, a real incentive to purchase the LED 1600 is the power saving that a lot of  buyers tend to forget. LEDs use far less energy than conventional UV lamps and last up to ten times longer. This also helps the environment which is always a concern for the modern printer.

The 1600 LED UV prints both rolls and rigid up to 13mm thick combined with Fujfilms curing system gives smooth near photographic results at impressive speeds.

As well as the normal large format and signage companies admiring this machine it also appeals to the packaging and ‘mock up’ sector in the print market as it has a 6 colour inkset PLUS clear and white ink.

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