Alwan Print Standardisation and Ink Saving

Alwan Print Standardisation and Ink Saving

So many files sent to printers are still setup incorrectly, some have the wrong profiles attached some elements setup for RGB some CMYK. Lots of things that can go wrong and very time consuming to fix. Each one of these elements can produce unpredictable results, ending up with angry customers and upset printing companies!

SOS have teamed up with Alwan , a simple but very powerful system, that standardises files and all elements within them to produce consistent and predicatable results.

The system works by manipulating the way the seperations are created this software solution allows printers to significantly reduce ink and toner consumption of their presses without any visible change to the printed colors. Using less ink means that the job drys more quickly and no set off, its eaiser to print for the pressminder and for jobs printed on uncoated stocks the results are sharp and open.

The system recognizes your output printing conditions and press ICC Profile and optimizes black generation for the destination process.

Ink savings are calculated by the software so that you can see just how much money your saving on each job!
Ask your local representative for a no obligation trial of the software.

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