Yotta UV wide format

Yotta UV wide format

Yotta provide the ideal solution for all UV wide format printing applications.

Why UV?

UV equipment and inks will print on traditional sign and display media – but bring the added option of printing direct-to-substrate to wood, glass, metal, building materials and more, This opens a vista of creative opportunities and potential markets to the imaginative printer.

Why Yotta?

Chinese manufacturer Yotta is rapidly growing, with global sales at over 1000 units per year. There are now over 50 Yotta machines running in the UK.  This global impact has been achieved by offering quality, productivity and ease-of-use for a relatively low investment and low lifetime cost. Yotta machines are fully certified, and manufactured in a state-of-the art facility which also produces components for several other well-known wide format printing equipment brands.

Why SOS?

Yotta machines are highly configurable and can be specified to fit all budgets and work profiles. This is perfect for us at SOS, as we believe in providing bespoke solutions to our customers based on their exact requirements. We make the machine to suit the customer, not the other way round!

Some equipment suppliers will sell a machine and move on. We don’t! Our aim is your long-term business. As well as consumable and media supplies, we offer first rate technical support with service and maintenance provided by UK based engineers.


Flatbed, hybrid, roll

Yotta machines are available in flatbed, roll or hybrid configurations. Flatbed machines operate via a static bed, with the print heads moving in 3 dimensions, while a roll based machine feeds the media beneath a print head moving from side to side. Hybrid machines offer a combined approach for the ultimate in flexibility and production capability. In this case the head moves in two dimensions, and the bed itself moves.

LED curing

LED UV brings efficiency and longevity. Power use is far lower than any alternative, and the relatively low heat produced means even thin heat-sensitive materials can be used.

Head choice

Yotta machines are supplied with a choice of print heads. Yotta are one of a select few manufacturers able to fit Kyocera heads, which are sought-after as the premium print head in the industry. They can also be specified with Ricoh heads which are used the world over by multiple manufacturers. Up to 10 two-channel heads can be specified, offering an extremely flexible configuration.

Ink choice

We supply all the necessary UV inks depending on application. If you’re printing on materials which bend, we’ve got flexible inks which won’t crack or come unstuck – and they’re amazingly durable. As well as CMYK and special colours, high opacity white ink is essential as a base when printing on non-white surfaces. We can also supply gloss or matt inks which can not only be used as coatings, they can be layered to produce superb embossing and texturing effects which add value to printed output.


Workflow integration is assured – the machine runs via a Sai or Onyx RIP. Both are compatible with all common pre-press setups and can run from pdf and all other Creative Suite formats. The latest Sai systems include ICC profiling.


Output speed can vary greatly between 8 and 40 sqm/hour depending on head type, configuration and level of quality required. A standard five-head setup for commercial quality will typically produce at around 20 – 23 sqm/hour.


Flatbed machines can produce a range of material sizes but dimensions are optimised to produce ‘off the shelf’ sign sizes. For instance, the YD-2513 takes a standard 8ft x 4ft sign board, and the YD-3216 takes a 10ft x 5ft board. The YD-3020 is commonly used to print onto large sheets of glass or splash backs. The standard media height is 100mm, but a 400mm option is available.



Hybrid models combine the advantages of using roll media and rigid flatbed. Dimensions are optimised to accommodate roll media sizes, hence 1800mm, 3200mm and 5,000mm widths (sizes also apply to roll-only).


Key Features

Unique suck & blow beds – reverse the vacuum to more easily move items on the bed

Pin registration for accurate positioning. Essential if printing on two sides.

Multi zone vacuum – enables higher vacuum in selected areas of the bed.

Automatic Media Height Measurement

Anti-Collision Device protects the Print Head & Operator in the case of obstruction.

Negative Pressure System provides a smooth flow of ink to the Print Head System and ensures consistent quality

Up to 10 Print Heads for additional performance. Varnish print options provide a unique print effect to add value to printed products.

Anti-static system standard for hybrid – option for flatbed