T4 Jet Fogra Proofing Media

T4 Jet Fogra Proofing Media

We carry our own branded inkjet proofing media, T4Jet unique to us. Our media has been rigourously tested and approved by Fogra. We are committed to providing quality proofing solutions to our customers. Our commitment has meant we have been continuously certified for 7 years by Fogra.

Both of our proofing papers have no brighteners at all, they are both Fogra Certified proofing papers. They are ideal for meeting the exacting standards of FOGRA/ISO certified proofing.  Our paper can be profiled to your individual requirements and is compatible with printers from Epson, HP, Canon, Agfa.

Our Fogra Certified paper is available from 17′ all the way to 60′. The paper is available in 200gsm with a silk finish and 250gsm with a silk and gloss finish.


Printers have been following the trend of using ever more papers with optical brightners in them. As a direct response to this trend Fogra have been working on a project code named “Fred”. This is just a project as yet and has not been officially published as a new standard. At SOS ltd we have a new proofing paper that has more optical brightener in it. We call this paper “Fogra White”. Ask us about this paper or request a sample.

Further details can be found on project “Fred” at http://www.eci.org/en/start/.