Fiery XF Proofing

Fiery XF Proofing

Fiery XF is a professional, high-end colour management software solution for creating contract quality colour proofs. The software adopts a modular design so that its functioning abilities can be increased as required. The XF employs some ground breaking technologies such as load balancing and easy to use interface to increase workflow. The EFi has built in a ICC and Device Link colour engine, Calibration Wizard, Spot Colour Editor and a true Adobe CPSI RIP and Adobe Print Engine which ensures compatibility with emerging Postscript and PDF standards. The interface is simple and easy to use. The software is Client server based, so it can be used from anywhere by multiple users at the same time.

For correct spot colour output the EFI has a patented technology for spot colour and process colour checking, known as ‘Dynamic Wedge’. This technology, built into the EFI, picks out colours used in the proof. It then builds a colour wedge unique to the job that can be checked by the operator for consistency. If the colours are not accurately reproduced they can be corrected quickly. A report can be produced to show that the colours were accurately reproduced by the system. This coupled with the advanced colour management system will guarantee consistent results, with minimal user intervention.

We sell the full blown Fiery XF down to the eXpress Rip to suit all budgets and feature requirements.

SOS has been a dealer for EFI for over 15 years, and is one of their premier dealers.

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