As the years have gone by, both technological and environmental advances have affected the world we live in. It is no surprise that the printing industry has reflected these same influences. With pressure to minimise costs and reduce waste but have quality higher than ever before, manufacturers are offering new innovative solutions which increase performance standards and save printers both time and money.

Here at SOS, we offer a wide range of CtP and conventional printing plates from both Fuji and Kodak. These include the Fuji PRO-T3 and Kodak Sonora XP which are both completely chemistry-free plates.

Reduced or Lo -chemistry plates such as the Kodak Trillian or Fuji LH-PJE (complete with ZAC system) are also aimed at those companies who still need a developed plate but are looking for greatly reduced chemistry usage and much longer bath life with reduced cleaning regime.

Another requirement in Pre-Press is for consistent and accurate proofs. SOS offers a range of Fogra-certified inkjet paper – T4 JET – along with all the Epson proofer inkjet cartridges you require.

Finally we are dealers for both Screen UK and Kodak CtP engines and workflows together with being a recognised Epson equipment ProGraphic reseller.

Please explore the site to find out more about us, our products and how we can help you achieve your printing goals.