Colour Management/Fogra

SOS have been providing prepress systems to the graphic arts industry for many decades. In this time we have been able to choose the very best software and hardware on offer.

In this time we have found the best solutions for our customers from CTP devices, workflows, inkjet rips, inkjet paper, colour management systems, plate readers, densitometers etc.. Our team can advise on the best solutions for your needs.

As a Fogra Digital Print Expert (DPE) we have extended our knowledge and advice from pre-press into the press hall. We have been able to help our customers make their print better with tools like PressSign, all under the guidance of our own DPE.

For print companies who already have quality control software and systems in place we have been able to introduce the Alwan ColorServer standardisation software to improve their print quality and reduce costs and make ready times on the press.

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